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Crystal Vision Sourcing is one of the leading Exporter, Importer, Indenter and supplier Company in Bangladesh. We intend to provide a comprehensive product and service offering that includes readymade garments (Knit & Woven), Leather shoes, bags, accessories, Jute item, bio graded recycling products etc. to our valued customers.

Crystal Vision Sourcing is a one-stop sourcing agent for all your textile and garment sourcing requirements from Bangladesh. We offer you quality products that fit and suit your requirements at prices that are attractive and what more, we deliver them within necessary timelines. We have been in the business for a long time to understand the unique and specific needs of the apparel industry.

With the help of our associates, we have served the textile market since 2008 and have many big names, projects and contacts to our credit. With an uncompromising attention to quality, productivity, precision, delivery and effective cost reductions, Crystal Vision Sourcing promises to give you on edge over most others in the industry.

Good infrastructure, stress on quality, adherence to strict and timely delivery and a team of experienced personnel is what makes us a preferred player in the industry. We have numerous garment and textile industry setups, and a wide and ready base of vendors for special requirements. The company is poised for a bright future as it covers the range of European textile requirements and offers the best in world standards.

Vertically integrated vendors, with infrastructure for spinning, dyeing, knitting and processing facilities in environments for cost-effective functioning. We are strategically located for easy, convenient and ready access. This reduces and minimizes a lot of time, effort and cost for you. Our trust is on people as good talent and the right skills are a prerequisite to run and manage a good enterprise.

We have experienced Production Managers, Quality Assurance Personnel, Lab Technicians, Qualified Custom Clearance and Freight Forwarding experts to see through timely delivery.

It would be of our great help if you please confirm your interest enabling us to provide all your information of your desire items to export from Bangladesh.

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